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Post  Hugh on Mon Nov 23, 2009 4:03 am

Post your favourite TMD Member quotes here, I'll start off What a Face :

[6:57:48 PM] i-has-a-B0MB/Linden says: hugh **** off
[6:57:50 PM] i-has-a-B0MB/Jake says: **** off hugh


Battlewyvern: Anyone coming to event?!
Everyone: No.

[7:03:28 PM] B_gangsta9 says: hugh dont be mean
[7:03:36 PM] B_gangsta9 says: people have feelings

[7:49:10 PM] i-has-a-B0MB/Jake says: didnt wanna disturb ur jacking off
[7:49:46 PM] Battlewyvern/ Shannon H says: It's kay, I'm used to it, learnt to do both at once, with time comes experience, I jack off during clan meetings all the time so no biggy

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Post  Battlewyvern on Fri May 14, 2010 9:07 pm

[2:02:24 p.m.] Hugh: you are about to get pounded, by the long cock of the law
[2:02:30 p.m.] Hugh: DANCE DANCE DANCE

[14/05/2010 9:12:26 p.m.] Mitchell: l0l
[14/05/2010 9:12:35 p.m.] Mitchell: canteen ladies are fat fascists

[14/05/2010 9:11:43 p.m.] Ray: i troll like this
[14/05/2010 9:11:51 p.m.] Ray: you are such a sexy **** i want to anal rape you right now

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